Sunday, March 26

Population statistics

Let's look at the latest population statistics released on Thursday just past.

These charts look a little different. I retired my four year old iMac and replaced it with a new PC, built using the new1800X AMD Ryzen processor. I am running Windows 10 (better than I remember pre-iMac), but these charts are made in a virtual machine running Ubuntu Linux. It is all still a bit clunky, but I am sure I will get it working properly. My old iMac Python code works without much change in the Ubuntu environment.

The 2016 Q2 baby boom appears to have been short lived.

The population growth rate looks to be creeping up again. Australia is growing at 350,000 people each year.

Our overall estimated resident population was 24.22 million people in Q3 2016. The higher growth rate since the mid 2000s is visible in the changed gradient of the line in the next chart.

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