Saturday, June 9

Australia's changing economy

The following animation looks at the changes to the Australian economy between Q3 in 1974 and Q1 in 2012. Each industry sector is plotted as a percent of the gross valued added of all sectors. The data comes from the industry gross value added table in the national accounts.

The standout item is the decline of manufacturing over the period. While a little volatile, the proportion of the economy contributed by the mining industry grew a lot less than I had expected.  The big growth is in finance and insurance services.

For simpler comparative purposes, the next two charts are the first and last slides in the above animation.

(Technical note: Trend data from table 6 of the National Accounts)


  1. Very cool. What is 'ownership of dwellings'? It's flat, but what it is measuring?
    I'm glad to see professional/scientific growing. And public admin shrinks?

    It is a little difficult to interpret in isolation as the figures are a share of the total, so absolute changes and compositional changes can't really be examined.

    Anyway, it would be great if you could share your R code for nifty charts like this.


  2. Cam

    Ownership of dwellings is the provision of housing services by the owner of a dwelling to its occupants. It covers landlords and the circumstance when the owner is also an occupier. According to the ABS, “Owner-occupiers are regarded as operating a business that generates a gross operating surplus. The imputation of a rent to owner-occupied dwellings enables the services provided by dwellings to their owner-occupiers to be treated consistently with the marketed services provided by rented dwellings to their tenants. Owner-occupiers are regarded as receiving rents (from themselves as consumers), paying expenses, and making a net contribution to the value of production which accrues to them as owners.” (Link:

    The animation is a gif animation. Using R, I make a graph for each quarter and then with an animated-gif application I stitch them together into a moving image.

    I will put the R-code in a separate post – it’s too hard to place in comments on the Blogger platform.