Thursday, December 13


Another set of charts from the Q3-2012 National Accounts:

Friday, December 7

Savings fall-off

Just wondering about the fall-off in national savings ...

Nominal net savings as a per cent of nominal GDP is in decline ...

This effect may be masked in the standard statistic from the national accounts ...

Because national disposable income is flat-lining ...

But more likely, it is the product of dis-savings in the non-Household sectors (ie. the NFP, business and government sectors).

Wednesday, December 5

Mark the Ballot

For those following my statistical exploration of opinion polls and related things psephological, they can be found on my new blog: Mark the Ballot.

GDP Q3 2012 - saving less - ToT shock

The headlines:

Some states in pain this quarter

The GDI v GDP disconnect (see ToT shock below)

ToT shock

Nominal GDP Growth ... still slowing

Are households feeling poorer?

Savings rate slowing ... consistent with households feeling poorer